A Letter From Natie – Beaufort West

A letter to Gail Lustig and Eli Rabinowitz

November 2022

Dear Gail & Eli,

Many thanks for your e-mail the contents of which were read with much interest.  I was made aware of your contribution and the website by Gavin Morris, Director of the Jewish Museum in Cape Town.  I visited him recently and took him some interesting artefacts that I wanted to donate to his museum, inter alia a Siddur translated into Afrikaans by  Rabbi Dr Romm.

I did grow up in the Karoo town of Beaufort West where I was born in 1939 and delivered by a Jewish doctor practising as the doctor for the S A Railways & Harbours in the town, the late Dr Harold Lee.  I was schooled there and matriculated in 1956 from the Central High School.  My late mother, Annie, (née Dubowitz) also matriculated from the precursor to that school, Beaufort West Boys High School, and was the Matric Dux in 1922.  She had to get special permission to do her Matric at a Boys’ school, as the Girls’ school only offered tuition to Junior Certificate level (Standard 8).

I was very excited to read that you were interested in Zelda Myburg, as her late father, Rev. Aaron Myburg, my Hebrew teacher and mentor, was her father.  My parents were married in the Beaufort West Synagogue in 1934 and Rev. Gulis was the spiritual leader of the Beaufort West Congregation then.  After he left the town, Mr father was instrumental in convincing Rev. Myburg to leave Middelburg Cape and come to Beaufort West, where he would do the ritual slaughtering, conduct services in the shul and teach children in cheder.

My parents were great friends of the Myburgs and on Sunday evenings would play cards with them and others (Moishe Horowitz and the Goldenbaums).  My mother was an ardent Zionist and worked tirelessly for WIZO and other Jewish charities. I knew Rev and Mrs Myburg had three daughters, who sometimes spent the High Holydays with their parents.  Hettie was the eldest and married a fellow from Johannesburg and if my addled memory does not leave me in the lurch, had the surname of Hurwitz.  The middle daughter, Golda, was an academic. obtained her BA degree at Pretoria University.  To the best of my knowledge, she never married during my sojourn in Beaufort West.  The youngest daughter, Zelda, the prettiest of the daughters, married a young brilliant academic Yaacov Newman, who later was known as Rabbi Dr Jacob Newman.  Rev. Myburg was so proud of his son-in-law and used to tell us with much enthusiasm of his many achievements.  When I first heard of him from my dear teacher, I think he was the resident Rabbi at the Oxford Synagogue in Johannesburg.

Rev. Myburg was a wonderful Hebrew teacher with amazing patience.  I attribute my Hebrew education to his tutelage, and I had my bar mitzvah in the synagogue in 1952.  On 7 May this year, I celebrated my second bar mitzvah in the Gardens shul.  I read the same portion in the Torah and did the Haftorah Kedoshim in the same trop as I was taught, including the old-fashioned Ashkenazi pronunciation.  That was a moving experience, but also quite intimidating, as the Garden shul is massive compared to the tiny shul of my youth.

Rev. Myburg also taught me to blow the shofar and when he became too frail in his older years, I blew the shofar for him.  That experience stood me in good stead, as I did the same ritual in the Grahamstown synagogue when I was a Senior Lecturer at Rhodes University. I left Beaufort West in 1957 to pursue my studies in Cape Town, but when I was visiting the old Transvaal in 1963, I went to see my former teacher, who was living his retirement in an aged home in Johannesburg.  Suffice it to say it was a moving reunion.  Thereafter I lost touch with Rev. Myburg and his family.  Without a spiritual head, Beaufort West’s Jewish community dwindled and not a single Jew is left in the town.

When I turned 70 years of age, I was made an Honorary Citizen of Beaufort West.  I visit the town regularly, as I still possess some property in the town (my inheritance).  During my youth we had a thriving community, and I am hoping to write an account of those unforgettable characters who made such a great contribution to the town.  The cornerstone of the synagogue was laid by Mr I Bakst, a great friend of my late grandfather, in March 1922; so this is the centenary year of the shul there.  The original building is a storeroom these days, but Rev. Myburg’s house next door is now occupied by the sister of the owner, Mr Botha, a son of the original purchaser, Mr Gert Botha.  The square pit in the back yard is still there where Rev. Myburg slaughtered the chickens, and we watched the ritual in awe as children.  The bimah landed up in the Milnerton synagogue and the torahs were donated to a young community, Moshav Manof, a South African formed Settlement in the Galilee in Israel.  I recall going to the old Schoonder Street Synagogue (since demolished) in Cape Town with my father to witness the handing over ceremony of the torahs.

When my wife and I attended a bar mitzvah at the Milnerton synagogue, I looked at the bimah and remarked to my wife that I recognise the bimah. She scoffed and thought I was losing it. Why would I remember a bimah?  Let me explain.  Each pillar of the bimah had a large wooden ball which was attached to the supporting pillar with a wooden dowel.  As mischievous kids, we pulled out the dowels and balanced the ball on their pillars.  When the gabbaim leaned against the pillar, the ball would come tumbling down with a thunderous bang on the wooden floor startling everyone at shul.  Perhaps it even woke up a few congregants who had nodded off.  What a childhood memory J!!  When I told my wife how I had remembered, she remained unconvinced, but a fellow pharmacist and member at that shul confirmed my identification and my wife, like Queen Victoria, was not amused by the pranks practised in our capricious youth.

Once I got writing, so many memories came flooding back.  I am pleased that I could add something to Eli’s query about Zelda Myburg.  I hope to start writing about the Jewish characters of Beaufort West and my own family.  The Finkelstein (my late Dad and I) and Dubowitz families (three uncles and six male cousins) could muster a minyan without the participation of any other congregants.  My grandparents and two uncles are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Beaufort West.

Warm greetings and best regards,




Nathan (Natie) Finkelstein  Dip Pharm  DCC  Hons-BSc (Med Sci)  MSc  PhD  FPS(SA)  FRPharmS   FIPharmM  MSAChemI




Cape Town, South Africa

Update from Natie

9 November

Hi Eli

You requested pictures and I decided to send you one which marked a significant milestone in my life, viz. my second barmitzvah.  The picture was taken by Rabbi Osher Feldman when I did a “dress rehearsal” at the Gardens Synagogue in Cape Town (now 181 years old) three days before the actual Shabbat “performance” on 7 May 2022.  This was rather a far cry from the original barmitzvah celebrated in 1952 in the small shul of Beaufort West.  It was a memorable occasion being surrounded by family, friends, and the Gardens community at a brocha after the service.

Warm regards



The visit of the Yosef Shlomo Kahaneman, the Ponevezh’s Rav to Cape Town in 1953


Western Cape, BEAUFORT-WEST, Jewish cemetery





8 November 1922

Dr Christiaan Barnard Born

Christiaan Neethling Barnard, 1922 – 2001 (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Christiaan Barnard was born in Beaufort West, Western Cape, on this day in 1922. Dr. Barnard studied medicine at the University of Cape Town. His first practice was at Ceres, also in the Western Cape. Dr. Barnard became famous in 1967 for leading a team that successfully performed the first heart transplant on a human being.

Eli Rabinowitz

Kristallnacht Commemoration Perth 2022

Sunday 6 November 2022 – 2:30pm

Council of Christians and Jews Western Australia Inc.

The Perth Hebrew Congregation

The highlights of this sombre annual Kristallnacht commemoration included the beautiful and meaningful songs sung by Carmel School Choir, and the cello pieces played by James Maley, with accompanist David Hicks.

Carmel School Choir Clip

The Program

Kristallnacht Perth 22

Eli Rabinowitz

Jewish Museum Kaliningrad Opening 2

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We introduce 8 children to the visitors of the museum. The museum is not only in a living synagogue on the site of a historical synagogue, it was also the site of a Jewish school during Nazi time. It united the Jews in this difficult time, it was an island of Nazi free ideology, it was a place where parents could come at Fridays to enjoy Shabbat activities during this terrible times where Jews were rejected everywhere else in town. The children learned languages and were fit for leaving to other countries (and support their parents in foreign languages). A place of Jewish empowerment.

So we wanted to make it very special and invented a special machine. We created the “glowing wheel”, it works like a computer mouse. First an introduction with children paintings of heart strings, that were connecting them all around the world. Than you can choose between 4 languages Russian, English, German and Hebrew. Than you can look at the 8 Stories, videoclips with photos, interviews and animated elements, sounds, music, voices….

We developed it from the scratch with our very good creative company in Leipzig (Germany) and a media company.

Michael Leiserowitz
Member of Board (now Warsaw, Poland)


Facebook: DE @judeninostpreussen EN @jewsineastprussia

Juden in Ostpreussen e.V.

Postkasten 48
Friedrichstr. 95

10117 Berlin, Germany



Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Eintrag Nr. 24883 Nz

Wir sind wegen Förderung gemeinnütziger Zwecke insbesondere der Förderung kultureller Zwecke durch Bescheinigung des Finanzamtes für Körperschaften I Berlin, Steuernummer 27/669/53052, nach § 5 Abs- 1 Nr. 9 des Körperschaftssteuergesetzes von der Körperschaftssteuer befreit.

Wir sind berechtigt für Spenden Zuwendungsbestätigungen auszustellen.

Jewish Museum Kaliningrad Opening

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
In the three-minute report you can get an insight into the new museum in the active synagogue of Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg). You can set the subtitles in English, German and Hebrew.
On the occasion of the opening of the museum in the Kaliningrad Synagogue on October 9, 2022, journalists from the Kaskad TV channel summarize impressions and opinions of the organizers and guests from the cultural and tourism industry.
We thank all our supporters and of course the German Foreign Office.
Michael Leiserowitz
Member of Board (now Warsaw, Poland)


Facebook: DE @judeninostpreussen EN @jewsineastprussia

Juden in Ostpreussen e.V.

Postkasten 48
Friedrichstr. 95

10117 Berlin, Germany



Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Eintrag Nr. 24883 Nz

Wir sind wegen Förderung gemeinnütziger Zwecke insbesondere der Förderung kultureller Zwecke durch Bescheinigung des Finanzamtes für Körperschaften I Berlin, Steuernummer 27/669/53052, nach § 5 Abs- 1 Nr. 9 des Körperschaftssteuergesetzes von der Körperschaftssteuer befreit.

Wir sind berechtigt für Spenden Zuwendungsbestätigungen auszustellen.

Australia Not Recognising West Jerusalem As The Capital Of Israel

From Norm and Barbara Miller – in the spirit and the footsteps of our great Australian upstander, Uncle William Cooper!
By Norman and Barbara Miller, Indigenous Friends of Israel
Jihadi Bob Carr has been pushing the terrorist organization Hamas’ position for some years. So now we have Penny Wong, Anthony Albanese, Tony Burke, and the ALP cabinet reversing the previous government’s decision that West Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Who is Australia to be telling another nation where its capital is? How insulting! No wonder Hamas has congratulated Australia for the decision.
Unsurprisingly, there has been an angry reaction from Israel and the Australian Jewish community who were blindsided by this with no consultation with them. It is the first time Israel has called in the Australian ambassador to explain our actions.
Also, there was no discussion of this pre-election and there has been no public consultation about it or discussion with the Australian parliament or even it appears, with the ALP caucus.
The decision by the Albanese government that West Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel flies in the face of the Abraham Accords with the increasing cooperation of Arab states with Israel. Australian foreign policy needs to be more mature in this area and aware of the new face of the Middle East.
It is also disappointing that the previous Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, did not follow through with his intention to recognise a United Jerusalem and move the Australian embassy there. It is likely that a number of Arab governments will at least move their embassies to West Jerusalem in the future as this is where the Knesset or parliament is and many national institutions.
As Indigenous Australians, we do not agree that Israel is a colonial settler apartheid state as the propaganda of Hamas asserts. There has always been a Jewish presence in Israel which became a nation about 3,000 years ago and reformed in 1948. The Arab presence is relatively recent. We believe the Jews are the Indigenous people of Israel. Israel respects human rights and does not practice apartheid with Arabs in the Knesset and many occupations. Arab Israelis have the same rights as other citizens.
Re a two-state solution, Israel has come to the table and been prepared to accept peace plans a number of times over the years. However, the Palestinians want Israel, the only Jewish state, wiped off the map so it is hard to get a two-state solution in this atmosphere, particularly with terrorist attacks against Israel occurring regularly.
In a double-whammy, this decision was announced on a Jewish sacred holiday and follows Labor’s pledge on the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana of $20 million to the UNRWA for Palestinian Arabs as well as Labor’s refusal to sign up for a Pro-Israel Motion at the UN. Australia and some other nations had reduced their funding of UNRWA because of its funding of terrorism.

Jewish Museum Kaliningrad Exhibition

Dear friends, relatives and contributors to the project

In March 2021 we were able to inform you that our association has received the grant notification from the German Foreign Office for a project funding of the permanent exhibition “Museum New Synagogue Kaliningrad/Königsberg”. Since then, under pandemic conditions, planning was carried out, tendering procedures were held and with the help of a special carpentry workshop, a model maker and many media technicians, an exhibition was created that is precisely tailored to the hall in the synagogue in Kaliningrad. The completion of the production on February 24, 2022, with the international crisis that began on that day, made the transportation to Kaliningrad a major challenge.

But on September 16, we got the last digital object of the exhibition up and running on site. On Sunday, September 18, the exhibition was presented to the Jewish Congregation and went live.

The exhibition, as well as the accompanying museum website, are multilingual throughout. More details can be found on the Internet and social media.

The entire process was accompanied by the local managing director, Mrs. Julia Oisboit, who continues to be the contact person in Kaliningrad for all matters concerning the museum.

We thank you very much for your contribution to our work and remain with many greetings

Ruth and Michael Leiserowitz


Facebook: DE @judeninostpreussen EN @jewsineastprussia

Juden in Ostpreussen e.V.

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Friedrichstr. 95

10117 Berlin, Germany



Vereinsregister Amtsgericht Charlottenburg

Eintrag Nr. 24883 Nz

Wir sind wegen Förderung gemeinnütziger Zwecke insbesondere der Förderung kultureller Zwecke durch Bescheinigung des Finanzamtes für Körperschaften I Berlin, Steuernummer 27/669/53052, nach § 5 Abs- 1 Nr. 9 des Körperschaftssteuergesetzes von der Körperschaftssteuer befreit.

Wir sind berechtigt für Spenden Zuwendungsbestätigungen auszustellen.

Upcoming CHOL Zoom

CHOL update meeting Wed 21 September 2022

Please join us for a meeting to review the year’s CHOL – Community History On-Line activity where 6 speakers will give (and show)  us a short update on their work.

Programme: (subject to change)

  1. Introduction to the new CHOL website www.chol.website
  2. Gail Lustig on the successful launch of ‘Share your Stories’
  3. Gavin Beinart-Smollan on his South African Jewish Cookbook website
  4. Eli Rabinowitz – on the development of his South African kehilalinks
  5. David Lewin to talk about the publication of UNION the magazine of German Refugees in South Africa
  6. Ivan Kapelus on Jewish / Afrikaner relations

They will each speak and show you their work for 10 minutes, and they will be happy to answer questions

The meeting starts at  NY 7:00  UK 12:00  SA 13:00  Israel 14:00                Perth 19:00Sydney  21:00

Join Zoom Meeting Link:


Meeting ID: 811 5576 5871

Passcode: 880423

One tap mobile

+16699006833,,81155765871#,,,,*880423# US (San Jose)

+17193594580,,81155765871#,,,,*880423# US

Eli Rabinowitz



A Little Bit of Luck for Alon

Shalom everybody !
I know many people are frustrated when hitting a wall in their research. I wanted to share my story of finding my mom’s relatives to encourage people to keep trying. There is so much information online and with a little bit of luck too you can find what you are looking for.
This is my story: 4 years ago, I was visiting Poland. Before travelling there, I did some research in JRI-Poland website and found the location of my mom’s grandfather’s grave. With the help of my wonderful Polish friend Isia Stybel, I went to the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw and found the grave.
My mom never met her grandfather Binyamin Zeev Petersilie who passed away in Poland in 1920. My 2nd name is also Binyamin, because I was named after him.
After this discovery, I decided to try searching for living lost relatives of my mom. My mom was born in Israel and never met her uncles or aunts. Her father’s sister Miriam immigrated from Warsaw to the USA. Her father’s brother Avraham immigrated from Warsaw to Russia.
The connection was lost 50 years ago, and I was searching for their descendants with the big help of my friend Isia. Luckily the family name of my grandfather Petersilie is unique. Avraham Petersilie had a son named Joseph and a grandson named Victor.
By searching on Google, we found that Victor Petersilie is working in the Russian Research Geological Oil Institute. We called there using a Russian speaker and got Victor’s phone number, but it was the wrong number. We wanted to call again to get the right number and, in the meantime, I was trying to find other information on Facebook. I looked for Petersilie people with Russian first names and found Polina Petersilie. I wrote to her and she was Victor’s granddaughter living in the USA She gave me everybody’s contact info.
Finding my mom’s Aunt Miriam’s descendants was harder. Miriam had one daughter Ann Rosenthal (which is a very common name), who visited here in Israel and met my mom in 1969. Ann’s children’s Hebrew names are Miriam and Mordechai, and I was looking for them.
I started by searching the old address of Ann Rosenthal in Brooklyn my mom has. I found many phone numbers online, but no one is connected anymore.
My mom found a picture of her aunt’s grave and found out Ann Rosenthal’s maiden name was Halbfish.
By searching on Google for Ann Rosenthal and Halbfish we found an obituary from 2014 for Ann’s death and condolences for her half-brother Murray Halbfish. We found Murray’s phone number on Google and through him we found Ann’s children Leslie (Miriam) and Marc (Mordechai). Unfortunately, Murray passed away 2 years ago. Also, it’s sad that we found my mom’s cousin’s children because of her obituary.
Only a few months later, Victor’s family surprised us and came for a visit in Israel. Victor and his wife Helena came from Moscow. Victor’s son Denis and his wife Katia and their kids Egor, Varvara and Zahar came from Holland. My mom Shoshana was super happy about this family reunion. Victor told me he was very happy I found him because besides his children and grandchildren he didn’t have any other family.
Because of the family meeting, there was a demand for a family tree. This is why I created my family tree in MyHeritage.
A year later there was another family meeting in Israel (with more Israeli relatives), this time in Eilat. In the same week my brother Elad (who lives in the USA) met with Victor’s daughter Yulia in Washington. Two family meetings in two different continents in the same week ! We also hope to meet Ann Rosenthal’s children too in Israel or the USA.
Never Give up with your research.
Alon Tsur
Tel Aviv
August 2022


At Alon’s mother’s grandfather’s grave at the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw
Same grave 100 years ago. My grandfather Pinhas is sitting below the grave. Also in the picture was his brother Yitzhak, his sister Miriam and his mom Rachel
Denis and his family (Katia, Egor, Varvara, Zahar) and Alon meeting in Tel Aviv
Victor and Alon meeting in Tel Aviv
Victor and Alon’s mother Shoshana meeting in Tel Aviv
Meeting in a restaurant in Tel Aviv: Victor, Alon’s mother, Katia, Egor and Denis
Family meeting in Eilat a year later. from left to right: Katia, Zahar, Varvara, Denis, Egor, Helena, Victor, Alon’s mother, Henanit and Eli
Family meeting in Washington. Alon’s brother Elad and his family with Yulia, Victor’s daughter

The history of Petersilie family


My mother’s father was Pinchas Petersilie, who was born in 1901 and passed away in Israel in 1977.
He came to Israel in 1924 and later again to bring his mom in 1934.

His father was Rabbi Binyamin Zeev (Wolf) Petersilie, who passed away in 1921 in Warsaw.

In 2018 I was in Warsaw and found his grave in the Jewish cemetery !

He lived in Nalewki 38, and was the son of Avarham Tsvi Petersilie.

Binyamin Zeev was an important man, a Rabbi and a teacher. Many people came to seek his advice.

On his grave I found out it is written he is from Trisk (I found out it is a Hasidic dynasty).

Binyamin Zeev Petersilie was married to Rachel (Ruchla) Chaja, daughter of Yitzhak Isaiah and was born in 1861.
She came to Israel in 1934, and passed away on 19 April 1946 in Israel.

Besides my grandfather Pinhas, their other children were:

1. Bentzion Petersilie, who passed away on 13 January 1938 in Poland

His address in Warsaw was Wilcza 5. His daughter Fradla (Frani in Polish) was born in 1901, and was married in 1920 to Matityahu Hochgleben.
She came to Israel in 1936. She had 2 children: Chawa (Hava in Hebrew) and Zeev (probably named after his grandfather)
Zeev was married to Yulia and had 2 children: Mathew and Jessica.

Chawa had 2 children: Henanit and Maoz.

2. Yitzhak Petersilie, was married to Frida Berzinski. Their daughters were Pesia and Hannah (died at age 8 and 6).
Unfortunately, he was killed in Równe in 1941 with his wife and 2 daughters.

3. Avraham Binyaminov Petersilie, was married to Anna Michailovna.
He was a writer, and arrested (from 1950 until 1955) for teaching Hebrew. He passed away in Moscow in 1970.
His son Joseph was born in 1914 in Warsaw, and moved with his parents later to Moscow.
He was a geologist and passed away in Moscow in 1987.
Joseph’s son is Viktor, who was born in Russia in 1941. He is also a geologist and lives in Moscow.
Viktor has a son Denis who was born in 1975 in Moscow. Denis is a mathematician and lives in Haag, Holland.
Denis is married to Katerina and they have 3 children: Igor, Varvara (Barbara) and Zahar (Zachary).
Viktor has a daughter Yulia, who was born in Moscow in 1965. She lives now in Maryland, USA.
Yulia has a daughter Polina, who was born in Moscow in 1995. Polina studied psychology in Maryland.

In 2018 found Victor and his children.

4. Miriam Petersilie, born in Warsaw in 1895 and passed away in the USA on 1 April 1927.  She was a professor of languages at the University in Warsaw. She was married to Max Halbfish, son of Zisel.
Her daughter was Ann Rosenthal, who was born in Warsaw on 23 April 1923 but moved and lived in Brooklyn. The address was 2132 Stuart street, Brooklyn, New York. She was married on 28 November 1946 and passed away on 12 April 2014.
Her children’s names were: Leslie (Hebrew name Miriam), who was born on 20 February  1952 and Marc (Hebrew name Mordechai), who was born on 2 July  1948.

In 2018 I found Leslie and Marc. I also found Murray Halbfish (and his wife Gayle), who is the half-brother of Ann Rosenthal.

Avraham was the oldest son. Then Yitzhak,  Bentzion, Miriam and Pinhas.


Alon’s great grandfather Binyamin Zeev Petersilie
Invitation to Fradla’s Petersilie with Matityahu Hochgleben wedding
Passover Hagada belonged to Alon’s grandfather Pinhas Petersilie (printed in Warsaw in 1880)
Bentzion Petersilie
Bentzion Petersilie with the writer Joseph Lichtenbaum (a family relative, probably a cousin)
Miriam Petersilie (Halbfish)
Max Halbfish (Miriam’s husband) and his daughter Ann
Yitzhak Petersilie with his wife Frida and their daughters Pesia and Hannah
Yitzhak Petersilie with his mom Rachel and his daughter Hannah
Alon’s grandfather Pinhas Petersilie in the Polish army
Alon’s grandfather Pinhas in Warsaw
Alon’s grandfather Pinhas with Ann Rosenthal when she visited Israel in 1969
Alon’s grandfather Pihas with his mom Rachel and friends (probably picture was taken in Israel)

Family Tree

Avraham Tzvi Petersilie – Descendant Chart

About Alon Tsur

My name is Alon Tsur. I was born on 11 May 1975. My parents are Haim and Shoshana. I’m the youngest son.
My brothers are Elad and Dekel. Elad is married to Nurit Haspel, and they have a son Adam.
I served in the Israeli army from 1994 until 1997. After that, I studied Computer Science at Tel Aviv University from 1997 until 2001. Since 1997 I have been working as a programmer.
In 1998 I became interested in genealogy and found my mother’s relatives.
I volunteer as an English to Hebrew translator in MyHeritage website since 2020
After that I joined Jewish Genealogy Portal Facebook Group (and also Tracing the Tribe – Jewish Genealogy on Facebook). I’m trying to help people there (finding relatives in Israel, or helping with translating Hebrew to English)
For example:

I also found my wife as a result of a post in Genealogy Portal Facebook Group 🙂
Her name is Azka Daulia, from Indonesia. She wrote a curious post about possible connection between Judaism and Indonesia.
She came to Israel in October 2021 and we married in February 2022.


Alon’s family – brother Dekel, dad Haim, brother Elad, mother Shoshana & Alon
Wife Azka and Alon
Wife Azka and Alon celebrating Channukah
Wife Azka and Alon at home
Wife Azka and Alon at the beach

Posted by Eli Rabinowitz