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7 April 2022

Tunnel or Partisans

by Nance Adler

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The Partisans’ Song in Yiddish and Maori

Holocaust Centre of New Zealand
United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Thursday 27 January 2022 ?The Holocaust was a turning point in history which prompted the world to say, ?never again?. In 2005, t? links – Litvak Resources

LYVA Resources by Dovid Katz

WELCOME to the Lithuanian Yiddish Video Archive (LYVA), which provides raw unedited footage of native living Lithuanian (/Litvish /Litvak /Northeastern) Yidd…


29 March 2022

Dovid Katz has created a remarkable video library on YouTube of his
interviews with Litvak Yiddish speakers about towns in Lithuania called
the Lithuanian Yiddish Video Archive.

This month Professor Katz posted his 600th video.  I’ve started an index
based on the titles of these videos (name of person interviewed and the
towns that an interviewee lived in).  These interviews are probably rich with background information about life in Lithuania before World War II.

I have to say “probably” because I don’t speak Yiddish.

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, GA USA

Ukrainian Update

I was in contact with a senior teacher at the ORT school in Kiev, and this what she wrote yesterday:

Dear Eli, I remember you and that peaceful summer day when we met and spoke about our beautiful school and students’ projects we joined. Now life here is different because of war we could imagine only in nightmare. I didn’t leave my country and with my husband live in the countryside outside Kyiv. Thank you for praying that gives forces to live and to survive! Hope only for the victory!

Glory to Ukraine ??!

Here are my posts from my visit to Ukraine in 2016, which include visits to Jewish places of interest and the ORT school in Kiev.

To view, enter the following text in your browser or in Google. ukraine

Also, watch the Forum For Dialogue Zoom and interview with Russian and Ukrainian specialist Wojciech Konończuk on Ukraine:



Eli Rabinowitz
Perth Australia


International Holocaust Remembrance Day

                                      International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Auschwitz-Birkenau, the German Nazi concentration camp and extermination centre, was liberated in 1945. To commemorate the victims of the Holocaust, The United Nations General Assembly designated January 27th, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, as International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The City of Mińsk Mazowiecki (Poland) and the Museum of the Minsk Land are honoured to invite you to a commemoration for the victims of the Nazi death camps.

In Auschwitz, citizens of almost all German-occupied European countries, the vast majority of them Jews, were imprisoned and murdered.

HAMEC, the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center in Philadelphia USA, and WE ARE HERE! Foundation’s Project for Upstanders in Perth Australia, in cooperation with the City of Mińsk Mazowiecki, are honoured to organise an online meeting with Holocaust Survivor David Tuck on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The aim of the event is to pay tribute to the victims of the Holocaust and prevent acts of genocide in the future. May the tragedy of the Second World War and the Holocaust be a warning to present and future generations against hatred, racism and prejudice.

Katarzyna Łaziuk

Kierownik Wydziału Promocji, Kultury i Sportu

Head of the Public Relations and Culture

The City of Mińsk Mazowiecki


Thursday, 27 January 2022 

Johannesburg 6.30pm; Warsaw 5.30pm; London 4.30pm

Philadelphia &  EST  11.30am; CST 10.30am; LA & PST 8.30am

Friday, 28 January 2022

Sydney & Melbourne 3.30am; Brisbane 2.20am; Perth 12.30am 

To attend this event online, email for the link.

HAMEC: Our mission is to educate students and adults, personalizing the Holocaust so that they learn the consequences of racism, ethnic cleansing, and intolerance. The Holocaust was a watershed event, not only in the 20th century, but in the entire history of humanity. Our Educational Programs serve the five-county area of Greater Philadelphia and beyond. We offer a variety of educational programs, including eyewitness testimonies, personal interactions with eyewitnesses, two live theater performances, and docent-led museum tours.

WAH!: The objective of our WE ARE HERE! project is to promote Human Rights and Social Justice through the principle of choosing to be an Upstander. Our focus is on language, literature, music, film, the arts, and other cultural forms. We feature the Partisans’ song, long revered by Holocaust survivors, including to this day. The very words embrace the understanding of what it takes to be an Upstander, and not a bystander. The message is relevant today both in the school yard, the sports field, and on the internet, to counter discrimination and cyber bullying.

Katarzyna Łaziuk: Head of Public Relations, Culture and Sports Department in the city of Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland. Experienced in organizing educational projects in a field of the Holocaust Education.  An initiator of Days of Jewish Culture “The Close and The Distant” She creates educational materials for teachers on the Holocaust and Human Rights. Leader of Dialogue and Ambassador to POLIN. She is the national coordinator for Poland at The Olga Lengyel Institute.

What I did in my school holidays in July 1968 – Lemmy

What I did in my school holidays in July 1968

By Lemmy Hadassin

‘Twas a cold and smokey highveld, before the winter dawn

A Cessna four-seater, parked neatly on the lawn

The pilot checks the fuel as we all climb on board

Uncertain what’s ahead, a silent prayer to the Lord

Final year at school, I’m just sweet sixteen

Flying to De Aar in the Cape, where I’ve never ever been

My Dad and Bill Moffett, a job there to review

With the pilot, Arthur Webster, and me make up the crew

“Fasten seatbelts rather tightly”, Captain Webster’s call is clear

Nothing to worry about, and not much for me to fear

The engine sounds so noisy as my heart begins to pound

Down the runway at high speed the plane lifts off the ground

We’re flying high, it’s daylight, so much never seen before

A highway here, a farm over there, a dam and so much more

A thermos flask of coffee, and egg sandwiches for us to share

Should be at home studying, but I don’t really care

Flying over mountains, we’re close to our destination

The engine stops, the propeller slows, a worrying situation

The captain tries a restart, unfortunately no such luck

Lets out a loud profanity, which may well rhyme with duck

We glide over the hilltops, and the town is not that far

Perhaps we’ll land on the road, but this is not a car

Arthur spots a sandy track, a good landing’s on today

Little does he know there’s a wall mound in the way

We hit the ground with a mighty bump, the plane does a total flip

Landing upside down and skidding on, as I bit hard on my lip

Held hanging by the seatbelt, I should have stayed in bed

Undo the buckle, and lo and behold I fall onto my head

The Captain fears a fire and kicks out the side door

We scramble along the roof which has now become the floor

We’re out, we’re safe, just a few cuts and bruises to show

The plane’s a wreck, will I fly again – the answer’s a definite no

A farmer saw our plane above, gliding slowly into trouble

Appears with shovels, thought we were buried deep in rubble

Transport to the town, by I know not whom

Should we check-in and get a room?

I offer to ride home on the evening train

A ride on rails sounds good to my brain

Arthur says no – it’s like riding a bike

after falling off, get up and go for a hike

He calls the aero club from a call-box phone

“Send out a bigger plane to take us all home”

A six-seater arrives as sunset is near

An engine up front and one in the rear

The town folk turn out at the aero strip

To watch us fly off in this strange looking ship

My palms are all sweaty, my nerves are a-jitter

I may be a coward but I’m surely no quitter

The new pilot is cool, so I am much calmer

Gets us back home without further drama

Arthur’s bought a new Cessna – is he quite insane?

Will I ever choose to fly with him again?

Hazel & Lemmy Hadassin
2nd Battalion Transvaal Scottish Circa 1972
Rev Sholem Moshe and Bertha (Bluma) Hadassin. Lemmy’s grandparents. Rev in Bloemfontein until 1950


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